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At Abudawood, we believe that the growth of our people is the growth of the company so we are committed to building world class capabilities and providing meaningful career paths. We have young professionals running the organization whom we persistently push  to bring out the best in themselves through stretch assignments, early responsibility and constant coaching.

The following are some of the numerous growth stories which are a testament to our claim that ambition and passion can get you anywhere in Abudawood.

Nasir Riaz

I started my career with Abudawood Pakistan as a Sales Representative. Throughout these 8 years, I have managed to move to the position of a Section Manager in Customer Business Development.

The fact that I have moved 5 levels up in 8 years is testament to ADP’s commitment to developing its people. I was always a keen observer and passionate learner which helped me rise so quickly.

Section Manager, Lahore
Atika Imtiaz

Abudawood for me is not just another employer, it has scored a special place in my heart as my institute where I have grown as a professional and a place I can safely call my other home. I came with a background in HR with prior experience in other organizations but somehow never felt like I belonged to those places. I clearly remember the moment I stepped into our Head Office for my first interview, I knew in my heart this is the place I belong and luck struck, they hired me! It was definitely a happy beginning to a new world of opportunities, challenges and I have never looked back since then.
My journey started in one of the most happening yet critical department of the company, “HR”. I joined the team as Assistant Manager – Performance Management, a very challenging role with a responsibility of 1500+ employee’s career progression. It was never easy, but the energy of our team and committed mentors guided me along the way and two years down the line, I got promoted as a Manager. I showed some interest and potential and there it was ! another opportunity in the same year and I was transferred to Corporate Learning and Development function as a Business Partner for Pakistan and Bahrain. I decided to take it immediately as it gave me an opportunity where I could channel my passion to develop people as well as explore my strengths.
It was one of the best opportunities I have had and the experience so far has been incredible; from managing one function in the department to managing a separate department altogether has equipped me with multiple areas of expertise. HR equipped me with a thinking pattern, an insight into every functions KPI’s and a direction to analyze performance and L&D complimented my knowledge on this front perfectly as I could utilize all of it to provide learning solutions. There has been immense learning, I feel connected to all the functions of the company, because as a facilitator, you are required to know people’s jobs, how they do things, how they think, and be in their shoes to provide performance consultancy. Needless to say, this role has given me a lot of exposure both local and international which I have thoroughly enjoyed and learned from. You get to work with colleagues from all markets including Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi etc. and learn about different cultures and their work ethics; plus your work can make an impact on a regional level contributing in the success of the entire corporate group! You don’t get this kind of exposure anywhere else that early in your career and I will always remain grateful to ADP for that.
Our culture is our USP and it is one strong factor that makes it really hard for anyone deciding to make a switch. ADP is one place where I can safely hold a strong opinion, fall and rise up again without being judged. It has given me various platforms to sharpen my skills. It is home, and its people are my family. There are people who have mentored me along the way and looked out for me. It has made me emerge as a leader.
Success for me is not money as financials come and go. It is the recognition you get for your work, and the feeling appreciated when people value your work. That being said, I believe so far, I have succeeded.

CLD Business Partner, Head Office
Khurram Saif

I got associated with Abudawood Pakistan in Oct 2009 after spending five years in Meezan Bank. My first role in Abudawood was of a System Administrator and this role is a true workhorse in the IT department. In Abudawood my career progression has been quite fast-paced having been promoted thrice in the last eight years.
The benefits of being a Manager for Systems & Servers are very broad in Abudawood and being such a fast paced and dynamic organization my role requires me to be an independent, fast paced person who constantly learns new things and pushes himself to the edge. Abudawood allows me to be creative and to take on more responsibility. Within Abudawood, I have has a steep learning curve which has helped me excel in my career.

Manager – Systems and Servers, Karachi
Fatima Ahmed

I started my journey at Abudawood Pakistan in 2014 as a Management Trainee. Having walked fresh out of university and going into sales, I was unsure as to what my time at ADP will unfold but once I started, there was no stopping. ADP has been a roller coaster ride for me in that I was rotated to HR, Sales and Sales Development and not just in P&G but other businesses as well. ADP has given me immense exposure and learning opportunities as it is a home to challenges and ideas that are fostered with mentoring. From management trainee I was made a section manager where I was doing hardcore sales to learn on-ground realities of the business and was then moved to Sales Development recently where I am learning the strategic side of the business and using my experience in the field. ADP has taught me to stand my ground by sticking to fundamentals and improving them. At the end of the day, success is being able to sleep easy at night because you kept fundamentals intact and gave your absolute best.

Category Manager, Head Office
Syed Kamran Haider

I started off a Management Trainee at Abudawood Pakistan in 2012 for Multan Region. After becoming a Section Manager, I was promoted to Unit Manager. This makes me the first Management Trainee to reach to such a position alongside two awards of being a ‘Star Performer.’

ADP has brought about monumental changes in my life. This company has trusted me with many responsibilities and due to unconditional support from the managers, I have been able to deliver consistently.

Apart from this, the level of trust that is put in each and every employee brings out their best and they are able to deliver to the best of their abilities. Having spent such an important time of my professional life at Abudawood makes me truly happy about the fact that I have been attached to a place which provides me one opportunity after another. It is true that ADP’s culture is one-of-a-kind and every employee here feels valued. It is definitely “home away from home.”

Unit Manager, Multan
Naeem Bashir

I began my career with ADP as a Supervisor for Customer Services & Logistics department. Throughout the 9 years here, I have been rotated across multiple locations and job roles. I serve as a Unit Manager today in Customer Business Development for the Lahore District.

This cross-functional change was met with a lot of challenges, but it is due to the encouragement of my managers at every point that I was able to overcome them. The promotions, level-ups and performance awards are all a result of a combination of perseverance and the company’s continual support.

Unit Manager, Lahore
Maria Karim

I joined as an Assistant Manager- Supply Planning and was promoted to Manager within nine months. I feel ADP has empowered me and has put trust in my leadership qualities. It has unleashed the potential to challenge the status-quo which has eventually brought results. The work-life balance over here is really good, and the open and transparent culture along with a challenging environment provides a welcoming avenue for anyone who wants to pursue their passion.

I believe that “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do – Pele”

Manager – Supply Planning, Head Office
Arslan Javaid

I joined Abudawood Pakistan in 2010 as a Senior HR Officer-Compensation and Benefits. In 2012, I was promoted to Assistant Manager and in 2014, I became Manager-Compensation and Benefits with a level up in 2016.
Working for this function in various roles has been a great source of learning, and the challenging projects and assignments have added to the experience. This organization has encouraged me to bring forward new ideas and the given me the liberty to make decisions whenever I deemed fit. Above all, the employees are recognized for their work, even the smallest achievement is highlighted and appreciated which is what any individual wants, at the end of the day.

In ADP, people with dedication are truly appreciated. If a person is dedicated, they are trusted with roles that otherwise require a lot of experience. Having experienced this first-hand, I can truly vouch for this. The working environment here brings out the best in people, and they always perform to the best of their abilities.
I believe honesty and sincere efforts are prime keys to success and sooner or later, they do pay back in life. So, the idea is to just keep up with the hard work and success will follow.

Manager – Total Rewards, Head Office
Saad Jamshed

I joined Abudawood Pakistan in 2012 as a contractual employee and was given a permanent role in same year as a Senior HR Officer in HR Services. I was promoted to Assistant Manager for the same function in same fiscal year. Later on, I was made Manager HR for Performance Management with another promotion in 2017.
I am also a facilitator for Corporate Learning & Development. I was made certified facilitator for experiential learning by Sententia Gamification Consortium (Bahrain), I was later certified as the trainer for “The 7 habits of highly effective people” by Franklin Covey (Dubai). I also attended one day program by Dave Ulrich at Karachi while I was also sent to Cairo for Training on Talent Development through Simulation by a German firm simdustry. Apart from the certifications I have received at ADP and the training sessions I have delivered, I was given exposure and empowerment in each of my roles here. I was made part of integral Multi-Function Teams (MFTs) from event management to complete change in business model. I would say that I am not only developed but also got mature with the help of constant support and guidance from the senior management.
We at Abudawood Pakistan take immense pride in our culture and believe that the outstanding success that we have experienced can be significantly attributed to this factor. In my views, ADP has always taken pride in offering its employees a friendly and conducive work environment which is free from organizational politics. Fairness and Equal treatment for all and the right to raise concerns openly are the highlights of our healthy culture which has greatly contributed to increased levels of employee satisfaction and commitment towards the organization. Having a strong belief in the power of sustaining a positive culture, its direct impact on organizational productivity, as well as, shaping up our society as a whole, ADP management makes consistent and conscious efforts to ensure that our values are embedded in the way we conduct our business and our culture remains intact in the process.
I believe every challenge is a new opportunity, and if an individual puts their heart and soul into it, the results can be fruitful.
Success comes from doing your best and leaving the rest to God.

Manager – Performance Management, Head Office
Muhammad Mushtaq

My career with ADP started in 2008 as Branch Manager, Gujrat. I worked in this role for 2 and a half years before getting promoted to Regional Manager for the North region. Two years after this, I was moved to Karachi as Regional Manager for Southern region. Here, I was also given the additional responsibility of Business Operational Manager and which resulted in a movement up the hierarchy.

I have been fortunate enough to lead various projects in Customer Services & Logistics (CS&L). There is tremendous exposure in terms of working with different Heads of Departments and their teams and also through trainings conducted on national and international levels. ADP truly recognizes my hard work and dedication. I have been awarded as a ‘Star Performer’ 5 times and I believe it is only due to my managers putting their trust in the work that I do.

Abudawood’s culture speaks for itself. It is the only reason I came back to this place after leaving. The work environment you get here is unmatched and I can surely say that there is no place like ADP, as there is no place for nepotism and the open-door policy truly lives up to its name. The performance and merit-based culture makes it very easy for an individual to bring out the best of his abilities.

Apart from developing my technical skills and knowledge, my personal development has also witnessed immense growth. The work exposure requires dealing with different personalities every day which provides with an amazing opportunity to build relationships with them.
For me, success is
“Satisfaction with the job. One should enjoy his job and be honest with it”

Regional Manager, Karachi
Muhammad Muzammil

My career with Abudawood started in 2008, as a CSL Supervisor, in the first year of my Joining I landed my first position in 2009. Considering my passion to the Information systems, I have been given the opportunity to join the team who were about to Launch SAP in Abudawood Pakistan as a Power User. Which continued through my journey in Abudawood Pakistan and currently I am leading SAP MM (Materials Management) modules Nationally as a Business Process Expert (BPE_SAP_MM). In 2013, Become Branch CSL Manager of Gujranwala, which helped me in develop my capabilities related to Supply Chain dept. In 2015, counting on my coaching skills, Abudawood Pakistan given me an opportunity to be part of its CLD department (Corporate Learning and Development) as a CLD Facilitator and still successfully running this. In 2015, I have voluntarily moved to Faisalabad Branch that is a Largest Hub with respect to Stocks replenishments where I have given a challenge to hire a train entirely a new team for Supply chain department. Where I have also lead a National project of “Multi Skills Development”. Considering the level of performance supply Chain department choose me for “Star Performer Award” consecutively in two years 2015 and 2016.

Abudawood Pakistan played a great role in shaping my personality and profusely developed my analytical as well as decision making skills. This is my 10th year in the organization and I loved every bit of my stay here and the culture of Abudawood Pakistan. My prolong stay is a proof of how much I cherished it. I believe success lies in firm believe in yourself and my believe always remain as “If it is to be, it is up to me”.

Branch Manager, Faisalabad
Shahzada Waqas

Back in 2013 when I joined ADP, I was assigned the role of Supply Supervisor in General Trade after which I worked on an assignment in Modern Trade for almost 2 years. On its completion, I was transferred to Sahiwal as CS&L Supervisor. I was relocated to Kasur on the same position before being promoted as a Branch Manager for Sukkur.

Working at different locations in various capacities has been a source of immense learning. By working with people from diversified backgrounds, I have been exposed to different perspectives and it has been a great experience. The core values are reinforced at every point and I am proud to belong to such an employer which lays emphasis on them. Moreover, I admire how every employee is treated with utmost respect, from top down to bottom up.
I sincerely believe that if you put your heart, mind and soul into even the smallest of acts, success can be achieved.

Branch Manager, Sukkur
Fahim Saif

I joined Abudawood Pakistan in 2012 as a Warehouse Supervisor. In 2016, I was given the opportunity to work as Branch Manager for the Sialkot branch. After meeting expectations, I was promoted to a higher level along with the responsibility of Branch Manager of Hyderabad.

Throughout my journey in this organization, I have been entrusted with different tasks and assignments. My role as a Branch Manager has helped in professional growth. This, alongside the trainings held by Corporate Learning and Development (CLD) have proved to be very helpful in polishing my skills. My Regional Manager and Head of Department have always extended their full support to me and guided me throughout.

It goes without saying that the culture of ADP is friendly and amicable. This place brings out the best in an individual and I have personally felt that change in myself overtime. The main reason why I would never want to leave this place is because of the way you’re treated as a family member. ADP truly feels like home!
I believe that “Success is achieved through consistency and hard work”

Branch Manager, Hyderabad
Areeba Ali

I joined Abudawood in 2013 as a fresh graduate hence all my professional development has taken place here. From an HR officer, I was promoted to Assistant Performance manager in 2014 where I was trusted to work on large-scale projects (such as developing a succession planning model) which I was able to conduct with mentoring and proper education that has developed me in numerous ways.
In 2016, I moved to Corporate Learning & Development (CLD) as a CLD Specialist as I have always had an interest in adding value in people’s lives and in developing them. In this function, there is direct interaction with employees which helps me learning needs assessment which turn aids in better performance at workplace.
The best thing about ADP is that it trusts employees with responsibilities, especially in roles that have a critical nature and reaching the expectations then becomes very rewarding. Every employee here is empowered and if an individual’s idea has utility and would add value, it is always implemented. Moreover, employee development is also important to this company as when I joined CLD, I did not have any experience of the function, but during my journey I was mentored and developed for the role.
In CLD, I have had a lot international exposure as well, as there are interactions with Abudawood employees in different countries such as Egypt and Bahrain and meeting people from different backgrounds adds to the learning palette.
For me, success is finding contentment in anything and everything I do and having worked at ADP I have blissfully found that.

CLD Specialist, Head Office
Ali Rizvi

My journey with ADP started back in 2008 when I joined as a Section Supervisor. In 2014, I became a Section Manager. Throughout my time here, I have found Abudawood to be a company strong on its fundamentals and a place which makes the people feel valued. The principles and values are deep-rooted in every employee, and they not only observe it in their professional lives but also their personal lives.
The culture resonates positivity and whether it is the workplace or field, you’ll find the same level of enthusiasm and energy. It is going to be almost 10 years that I have been associated with this organization and I look forward to come to work every day.
My mantra for success lies in consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success, and greatness follows.

Section Manager, Karachi
Usman Ali Khan

The association with ADP started in 2004 when I joined as a Sales Representative. In 2008, I was appointed as a Section Supervisor. After level ups and promotions, I became a Section Manager in 2013 along with an additional responsibility of a Unit Manager and was transferred to Sukkur. After having worked in this capacity till 2015, I became Bahawalpur’s Unit Manager.
I believe in every individual, there is a passion for growth, and with the right direction, the individual is capable of achieving wonders. This is what Abudawood has done for me, for it has provided me with a disciplined platform which happened to align with my goals as well as providing opportunities to sharpen my skills. Moreover, I genuinely believe that the open culture of this place is the secret weapon to my success as this place trusted me with immense responsibilities and I don’t think it would have been possible for me to make it this far up the ladder elsewhere.
*A commitment to excellence & determination to attain goal is my idea of success*. I believe that in order to achieve more, one must have the ability to perform not only what is expected of him but also the additional tasks that could help him climb the ladder of success.

Unit Manager, Bahawalpur
Yasir Iqbal

It has been a long journey spanning over 8 years at Abudawood. I started off with a Business Solution role in the IT department, moved to Supply Chain Operations, finally ended up in Sales.
This organization has provided me exposure at a very early age, threw enormous challenges my way, backed me up when I made mistakes, encouraged me when I performed and rewarded me when I delivered.
The culture of ADP is its forte, and no other sales company comes even close, when it comes to this factor. I believe the strong and healthy environment at Abudawood makes people strong, and enhances their professional and personal attributes.
For success, I always rely on the 3 P’s- Perseverance, Positivity and Patience.

District Manager, Karachi


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