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Every individual’s success is ADP’s success! Our people grow with us every day and their development in personal and professional arenas is critical to our achievements. We offer a variety of customized learning solutions, designed to add maximum value and cater to the business needs.

Learning Coaching Everyday

“Learning Coaching Everyday”, is the essence of Corporate Learning & Development, which is a team of dedicated and committed professionals that enable and support the ADP family to perform with great zeal and valor, thus creating higher levels of competitiveness. Through our Facilitation schools that are precisely designed to help nurture and develop CLD ambassadors from within the workforce at ADP, across regions worldwide, we aim at inculcating the culture of learning and coaching. We hope to create leaders by developing programs that would groom and enhance their skills and capabilities.

What our Facilitators have to say:

Babar Shabbir

Being a facilitator at Abudawood Pakistan has been a tremendous experience. I genuinely feel the difference in my training style ever since I have attended facilitation school. With new concepts being constantly introduced, these fast-paced trainings are now the name of the game. The trainings have helped me grow on a personal level as well and I look forward to continue this path, contributing to the growth of others.

Regional Manager, Islamabad
Fatima Ahmed

The experience of being a facilitator has been very rewarding. The opportunity to attend facilitation school has helped me develop a completely new perspective. Interacting with participants from various backgrounds and seeing things from their points of view has helped me develop empathy. One of the foremost things that we are taught at facilitation school is to always deliver the content that we actually believe in, so I always ensure that I follow it to the fullest.

One of the most interesting experiences of being a facilitator has been that of Sales Gamification where the whole process has been gamified and made interesting for the participants. I have thoroughly enjoyed conducting these sessions and I look forward to actively contribute to ADP’s Learning and Development process.

Category Manager
Aysha Mahmood

Being a facilitator has been an amazing learning experience both personally and professionally. Developing modules and conducting sessions based on experiential learning is a completely different way of making participants learn. It makes me learn equally from my participants since the experience is shared. Personally, it gives me satisfaction to make people learn something from my technical expertise and my experiences. I have enjoyed every session I have conducted on technical as well as general skills and look forward to contributing more to Learning & Development at ADP.

 Manager Recruitment, Head Office

In-house Training Modules at Abudawood

Partnering with People

Focusing on individualistic growth, these contemporary programs aim to facilitate the learning needs of our employees and equip them for leadership roles.

  1. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  2. Coaching in the Workplace
  3. Increasing Motivation of the Sales Team
  4. Health, Safety & Environment Program
  5. Stress Management
  6. Negotiation Skills
  7. Project Management
  8. Journey on Management Fundamentals
  9. Manzil-e-Aasman (Non-Management Skill Development Program
  10. Personal Grooming
  11. Email Etiquettes
  12. Presentation Skills
  13. Planning & Priority Setting
  14. Conflict Management
  15. Team Building
  16. Decision Making Skills

Partnering with Business

Focusing on business growth, these rigorous programs enable people in achieving better business results and to ‘Go for Gold!’

  1. Sales School through Simulation
  2. Supply Chain School
  3. Sub –D School
  4. Finance for Non-Finance Managers
  5. Sales School for Support Functions
  6. MS Excel

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