Our vision guides every element of our business and helps to continue achieving substantial, sustainable growth:

 “We serve with committed employees, driven by rigorous implementation, focused on mutual growth and profit, delivering superior products and services.”


Our values serve to guide our actions and determine how we behave in the world.

We believe that:

  • Our prosperity comes from God; we must guard it, nurture it and use it wisely.
  • Our heritage is the root of our company; we must never forget it.
  • Our success lies before us; we must constantly and confidently look forward.
  • Our people are our competitive advantage; we must support and grow them professionally.
  • Our clients are our partners; we must commit to their prosperity.
  • Our customers are our lifeblood; we must contribute to their profitable growth.

Business Guiding Principles


Diversity of thought is expected and encouraged, so that all levels have a voice and an opportunity to make a difference.

Open Candid Communication

We promote an open-door culture where everyone is free to have a candid dialogue. Managers train their subordinates to break communication barriers so as to maintain an honest and transparent culture.

Respecting Ideas and Relationships

We value ideas from everyone and encourage diverse viewpoints. We value all our stakeholders and strive to build strong business relationships as we believe this is the key to our success. We lead with passion and treat co-workers alike with genuine concern and respect irrespective of levels and hierarchy.


We have a compelling desire for continuous improvement and a keen urge to win in the marketplace. For this we capitalize on our years of experience and exercise sound judgement

We uphold our values and principles in all our actions and decisions.

Empowerment and Accountability

We empower teams with a high level of accountability to ensure that all employees put in their best and own the business as their own. They operate in victory mode; taking risks, course correcting and eventually winning.

Teamwork and Collaboration

ADP promotes team work such that every storm is weathered and every victory is faced as “one team”.


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3rd Floor, Executive Tower, Dolmen City, Clifton Block 4,Karachi, Pakistan. Karachi, Sindh 75530 Pakistan.

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